Hello! dear people. I’m here with yet another wonderful product I love which I want to review about and share how amazing work it does for me. Happy reading 😉

So today I am going to talk about the W7 Kiss Lipstick in Scarlet Fever. I bought this a few months ago and ever since this one is my go-to lipstick when I’m in a hurry or not in a mood to do a lot of makeup , as this one just brightens up my mood and my face and I don’t have to do much but just swipe it on my lips and I’m ready to go!



It is a drugstore product but with a high-end finish! It is a UK product pretty famous in UK and Ireland!

Price and Packaging: AUD $2.5, INR 275. Comes in a cute black colour plastic container with a transparent case at one end showing the actual colour of the lipstick with the name “Scarlet Fever” on it. It shuts with a click and totally travel-friendly. It a beautiful bright tomato red shade.


Texture: It has a very smooth at the same time not very creamy texture which works just fine for me. It has a semi-matte finish after application. Also, has a fruity fragrance to it which I love. The only backdrop is it is not transfer-proof. It does transfer so we need to be a bit cautious.


Application: It can be applied directly from the bullet or with a brush. If you need a nice defined and lined lips go for a brush application otherwise direct application works just fine as well!


Right shade : Single wipe | Left shade: Double swipe


I used to keep the red lipsticks away from my vanity for a long time thinking they would be too bright for my dusky skin tone. But I tried it at the store and thought it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so I bought it anyway. I kinda slowly fell in love with this red lipstick as it perfectly suits my skin tone. I am sure it would go well for any complexion as the shade is not bright or not too dull. Just one swipe is all you need really as it is pretty pigmented. It helps me amazingly on those lazy days for me when I don’t feel like loads of makeup  or when I am in a hurry.

I love the fact that I can actually play with this colour by mixing with other shades like orange or pink and create my custom shade matching my outfit that day. It stays for 3-4 hours and then slowly fades away leaving a lovely red tint on your lips.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely yes! I love it and this one red shade is a must have for all the girls as it works for any day!

Did you use this shade or any other shade from the same W7 range? If yes do share your thoughts on them. Would love to know your experiences.