Hello! lovely ladies. Hope everyone is going great guns! You guys must be wondering what is this blog about with a weird title.Well that’s what I felt when I thought of writing about that spa massage I had the other day! Let’s get into it.

So lately I was feeling a bit restless and I felt I needed a pampering time. Based on the google reviews of good Spas near my place, I went to the Silk Day Spa for a massage and I must say it was a full hour of total de-stress. If you’re in Melbourne, do check out this Spa.

The Spa:

Website: http://www.massagecamberwell.com.au/index.html

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Silk-Day-Spa-Camberwell-192287600950063/

You can go in for the massages that would suit your need.

My Experience:

As soon as I entered their spa, I was welcomed with a smile and a sweet fragrance of the aroma oil diffusers all over the place. Then they took me to a mildly lit room for that calming effect. After changing, the masseuse started massaging mainly on the pressure points. She knew exactly  what she was doing with the comforting amount of pressure.

The experienced masseuse released every stiff muscle of mine and slowly got rid of every muscle pain. The massage oil she used really had a soothing and a calming effect on my nerves.

Later she also gave a crisp head massage which took away all my headache too. 🙂


They used some amazing products on my skin when I had some facials done before. They smelled truly divine and the experience was a true indulgence. I would review their products as well in my future posts. Stay tuned!

Next time you want some pampering you might want to head to Silk day Spa!

Disclaimer: This is my honest review based on my experience. I am not paid or affiliated in any way by the Spa owners. I would not be responsible for any experience you have with their services.

If you visited this Spa before what was your favourite facial or spa treatment? and how was your experience? Do leave a comment below or just drop a Hi.. 🙂

See you in my next post beauties! Stay cool.. Stay beautiful! ❤