Hi Lovely girls! Today I was feeling a bit bored so I thought I’d change my nail paint which I know would definitely lift up my mood. So I decided to do some fun stuff with two nail shades.


Now im really not a nail art person . Not that I dont like nail arts but I am not patient enough to do such detailing arts on my nails which is so time taking and I get really impatient while drying them :D. I know its bad but thats how I am. Cant wait enough!



So I went with a girly colour this time that is my all time favourite Pink 🙂 And I can see all the girls smiling 😛


So I used 2 shades for this. One is from W7 called Playfull Pink and for the highlihgted nail i used the Maybelline Colourshow from their Glitter Mania Range called  Pink champagne. I thought both of them complemented each other so well.



W7 Playfull Pink : This is a really cool and baby pink shades which looks really pigmented from the bottle but i wear it on my nials i found it is very diluted and liquidy. I had to pile on 3-4 shades to get the perfect opaque pink. But once it dries completely it looks lovely and pigmented. Are all the W7 shades like that? Do comments below.

Maybelline Colourshow Glitter Mania Pink Champagne : Now this range is already a winner with their super awesome glitter formula along with a slight tint to them. I personally love this one among the other shades in this range because It Is PINK!!! It’s this lovely champagne colour whihc is not too loud or bright but still stand out stylishly. It has thick consistency and one coat is all you need literally to get all the Glitter in your life (of your nails obviously) 😛

Do checkout the pics and tell me how do you like it! or any suggestions 🙂 and tell me what do you think about this nail shades.

Be colourful and lovely! See you till my next one! Byeee 🙂