Hello everyone, as you all know I got these amazing skin products from Heritage Healers Holistic Skincare, and 3 weeks ago and I was using them all this while so that I can see how they work on my skin and review them for you guys!

Well before going into the review, I would like to tell you a bit of my skin history!

My skin history: So I have oily-to-combination skin which is more oily on the T-zone and dry around my chin area. Because of being oily I always suffered from acne every now and then  though not cystic, but I do break out when I’m stressed  due to hormonal changes every month! Most of my issues were not because of the acne but because of the terrible after marks and scars they leave behind. 😥 These acne scars are the toughest to fade and i always use to try so many DIY’s and products to lighten them or fade them. But I must tell you no matter how good products you use they would take their sweet time to fade off completely!

About Heritage Healers:


“When traditional, quality skincare practise and cosmetics couldn’t relieve her stress-related acne, Heritage Healers’ Founder – Leanne Lovatt – began searching for other treatments.Wildflower essences replaced her prescribed daily-use antibiotics and she soon started feeling and looking well. As a beauty salon owner, she shared her discovery with clients. The amazing results were repeated over and again.

Understanding that superficial treatment only manages the symptom, not the problem, Leanne created Heritage Healers’ unique, holistic wellness skincare products. With wildflower essences as their base they restore skin health; working inside and out to create life-balance, total well-being and youthful vitality.”

“Heritage Healers manufacture and distribute high performance holistic skin care products for the professional beauty industry.

Leanne T. Lovatt, the company founder and director, is a licensed beauty therapist with over 25 years hands-on experience, a spa owner, educator and pioneer in the field of holistic beauty therapy.”


There are many other amazing facts about them which you can read here.

How I came to know about this brand: So I went for a relaxing spa a while ago and I was really stressed and really needed a good body massage. Read about my experience on that day here.

I was so impressed with their service and especially the products they used for my massage and a facial that I couldn’t stop myself from asking them about the products they used. They were very willing and told me about these Heritage healers products. Let’s get int to the actual product review.

The Products I used: Since this is a natural therapy, they are very particular in the inner healing as much as the outside health, they strived to personalise the skin products according to the persona of the individual using them. They have a form which when filled up would let you find out what is your persona from the four Ayurvedic elements (i.e.) Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

You can find out yours by filling the form Heritage Healers Elemental Questionnaire.

Since mine is WATER, all the products are specially personalised for me.


Moisturising Cream: Click on this link to know what the brand has to say about this product.

My experience: This is a very hydrating formula which gives a matte finish. Works very well for me as it’s a very good day time moisturiser does not make my skin oily at all even after a long wear. Not just the texture but it feels so good on my skin, so light weight. Makes my skin super soft supple.I just used them for 2 weeks and I can already see my skin so touchable.


Euphoria Anti-Ageing Complex “Revolutionary booster capsules deliver a pure and potent dose of Vitamins A, C and E plus CoEnzyme Q10. These powerful antioxidants, together with Repair Complex CLR and green tea extract, deliver the ultimate anti-ageing solution.”

I love those little colourful booster capsules/beads which melt as soon as you massage it onto the skin. It is also a lightweight formula which is very hydrating and moisturising to the skin. I apply it to my face after washing my face for my night skincare regime and go off to sleep. I wake up with a smooth and baby like skin. 🙂 that brings a smile on my face first thing in the morning.


Eye Essentials: This is a very smooth textured cream which glides on smoothly on the under eye skin which is delicate. It rushes loads of moisture into the dry under eye skin. You need just a pea size amount, if you apply more, it might make your eye area oily. But I could see a lot of difference in my skin texture. It made it smooth and supple and most importantly hydrated and healthy!



Personal Wildflower Essence Remedy:Water Wildflower Essence Remedy (Since My persona is WATER):

Ingredients: contains Goddess Grasstree, Macrozamia and Purple Nymph Waterlily

This has a sweet taste and should be taken 4 drops under the tongue  day and night. Well, it is supposed to relax and calm your inner self. I did find myself calmer these two weeks 😛 So it might be working !!!



Aroma Therapy Oil Blends:

“Bringing you the sensitive, emotional sympathy of Water essence; encouraging compassion, insight, romance and spiritual depth. Uses lavender, clary sage, marjoram and geranium”.
This is one of the most divine smelling oil I have ever had. It immediately calms my senses. It is not at all oily in texture. It is a lightweight formula which is easily absorbed by the skin. You can use it many ways. Find out more here.
WATER BLEND contains pure essential oils of:
Clary Sage uplifts moods, great for PMT and calming.
Lavender nurturing, soothing, calming and relaxing.
Marjoram for letting go, calming to intense emotions.
Geranium harmonising and uplifting, cleansing and clearing.
“Supporting you through the most stressful day; rose, scullcap, passionflower, lemon balm, lavender and jasmine work to calm sensitivity and nurture inner strength.
A NURTURING and relaxing herbal blend to support you through the most stressful day.Rose, scullcap, passionflower, lemon balm, lavender and jasmine work to calm sensitivity and nurture inner strength.
This herbal blend is a nutritive tonic for the nervous system particularly useful in emotionally and physically stressful times. Protective of nervous system depletion and will relieve insomnia”.
Disclaimer: This is a PR sample but my review is honest and unbiased. I am not paid by this brand in any way. This is totally my personal experience. I would put the before and after pictures of my skin to show how my skin responded to these products in my next post along with the review of the remaining products from the same brand. As that would be fairly long enough time period I tested them.